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From LKG to IX Std

100000 Well Wishers
3000 Very Good Parents
1500 Excellent Students
ONE Extraordinary school called
                                            Kannammal National School

To be a centre of excellence for development and dissemination of knowledge in Applied Science, Technology, Engineering and Management for the Nation and beyond.
We are committed to value based Education, Research and Consultancy to bring out technically competent, ethically strong and quality professionals to keep our Nation ahead in the competitive knowledge intensive world.
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KNS Performance for The Academic year 2014-2015

KNS 1st​ mark in X std - 496/500

KNS 1st​ mark XII std - 1188/1200

100% Result in x & XII continuously for over 14 years

Continuously we recorded highest % of cutoff mark

KNS created plenty of doctors engineers and entrepreneurs

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